Saturday, 29 June 2013

If he hits me, then he must love me!


The title of this post "If he hits me, then he must love me" is a very common saying in Ukraine and Russia.  The sad part of this is is that it is still a common saying today.  It is part of the attitude that those countries have where they still have a very high acceptance of abuse.

Here is an article to share with you all that shows how serious it is:

MTV Ukraine had posed a question on television as their question of the day: "Can you beat girls?"

If a question like this popped up in north america we would be talking about it all throughout the media.  But in Ukraine, it was treated as if to criticize it is too politically correct.  Even the author of that post had stated that that was how she was responded to.

I had included an image from that article which shows you the seriousness of this issue.  Of course, the question is in the Ukrainian language but it translates to that very question that I've told you about.

This is an attitude that my wife and I are attempting to combat as it is our belief that domestic abuse in other countries is a serious problem over here as well.  In a modern world, not only do people immigrate to other countries, but different ideologies immigrate even easier.  Because of this, women's rights and safety is at threat when we allow this anywhere else in the world.

This sort of attitude shouldn't be tolerated anywhere.  And we should be blasting it here and everywhere in the world when we see it.  Sexism and any other form of regression of human rights should be fought against aggressively.

While this was, I admit five years ago.  I did a web search to see if MTV Ukraine was accountable for this.  I found nothing.  So I believe that everyone should write the parent company for MTV to make sure the MTV Ukraine was accountable and, if not, apologizes for this past occurrence.  It doesn't matter how long ago it was, we should never accept this action.  There is no expiry date to such idiocy.

In upcoming articles we will discuss further about the domestic abuse issue in Ukraine and Russia and the seriousness of it all.  Please stay tuned!

UPDATE: I did try to contact MTV and got no response on if they did anything or was accountable for the actions of their subsidiary.  Sad that this issue isn't important enough for them to respond to, isn't it? There is no statute of imitations when it comes to making a mockery of abusing women...